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Common Questions

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What is a Certified Life Coach?

A  Certified Life Coach has completed a rigorous training program focusing on experiential learning. To gain certification an examination must be passed and a mentored internship completed. This is to insure that Certified Coaches have the necessary tools and real world experience to help you achieve your goals. A Life Coach is a trusted mentor, facilitator and collaborator who can help you identify and uncover what is holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.  

A good Life Coach must have these characteristics:

·        Able to listen with compassion and empathy

·        Trusting the client to make good life decisions

·        Supporting the client and gently confronting when needed

·        Treating the client with respect

·        Open-minded

·        The ability to see the world through the client’s perspective

·        Active listening

·        Rapport with the client

·        Remaining calm and focused in the face of crisis or conflict

·        Leading with patience and calm

·        Appropriate humor and playfulness


What is Self-Actualized Life Coaching?

Self-Actualized Life Coaching evolved from my twenty years of working with many different clients. It is derived from the work of psychologists Carl Rodgers and Abraham Maslow. Self-Actualization is the level of psychological development that can be achieved when all basic and mental needs are met and the "actualization" of one’s full personal potential takes place. In short, to become everything that one is capable of becoming. Self-Actualized life coaching helps you to first identify the issues that are keeping you from achieving your full potential. Using a cooperative approach, I assist in developing strategies and tools for breaking through life issues. Breaking free from personal issues is the means, not the goal of Self Actualized Life Coaching. It is the beginning of the process of achieving the goal of being all you can be. Self-Actualized Life Coaching is solution oriented and focused. Together we clearly define your goals and formulate an action plan for achieving them. The action plan is specific, goal driven and time delineated.

What happens in a Life Coaching Session

Each session is tailored to the client and will focus on the steps to achieve your specific goals. Homework is usually given to reinforce and practice the tools and strategies we have worked on during sessions. We will work together to acknowledge obstacles, explore alternate perspectives and celebrate successes. With the conclusion of each session, we will revisit your goals, assess your progress and evaluate the next steps that are needed to achieve these results. Life Coaching services are provided on line via phone, Skype, email as well as in person.

Do I really need a personal Coach; can't I just do it by myself?

Life coaching can take you above and beyond your own personal limitations. More often than not, people try to achieve their greatest potential, but don’t even realize what stands in their way. A personal Coach can offer an unbiased and objective perspective as a mentor and friend and can help you realize your dysfunctional patterns and habits. Life Coaching provides the opportunity for you to realize your full potential. Life coaching can make your dreams attainable and will provide support and encouragement along the way.

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

The straightforward answer is most states regulate and restrict the use of the term therapy and psychotherapy to mental health professionals who have met specific education requirements and have passed an exam. However many licensed therapists are now recognizing the benefits of the life coaching approach and have completed a certified Life Coaching program. In general the Life Coaching approach tends to be more solution focused and goal oriented than traditional therapy. Traditional therapy tends to be disease or disorder oriented, with the assumption by treating the disorder the individual will become healthy. Life Coaching starts with the belief that the individual is healthy but has becoming stuck in certain habits and patterns of living that keep them from achieving their full personal, relationship, job and life potentials. In the traditional therapy model, the therapist is the expert and directs the client’s treatment. In Life Coaching the coach collaborates with the client as a trusted mentor and guide. Traditional therapy is usually open ended and long term. Life Coaching is time delineated and brief. A Life Coach assists the client in achieving their goals within a defined time frame.

How is Self-Actualized Life Coaching different?

Self-Actualized Life Coaching is a unique approach to helping clients identify and achieve their goals that combines some of the tools from traditional counseling with the collaborative solution focused orientation of Life Coaching. Self-Actualized Life Coaching is a bridge between traditional therapy and conventional life coaching. It evolved from my ten years of addiction and relationship counseling where I discovered that much of my education and training was inadequate to properly meet the real world needs of my clients. My clients were stuck in a pattern of dysfunctional living. They needed real world solutions to their problems. I found that the traditional tools of counseling focusing on talk therapy were not effective. My clients needed support, guidance tools and strategies, not talk, to become unstuck and unlock their potential. They needed real solutions and they needed to be empowered to find the commitment to use the tools to realize the solutions. I recognized that in order for this to happen I needed to change my role from expert professional counselor to trusted friend, and mentor, in short a collaborative coach. I needed to walk beside them on their journey to becoming everything they wanted to be. Thus evolved Self-Actualized Life Coaching, a synthesis of my traditional counseling training, my Life Coaching Training, and my real life experience

What is your cancellation policy?

I require a 24 hour notice to cancel all sessions. Please be sure to contact me if you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment in order to avoid being charged for the session.

How long do people generally work with a Life Coach?

To experience the effectiveness of a life coaching program, I suggest clients make an initial three-month commitment. At the end of the three months, we will evaluate progress and discuss options for continued coaching.

Is personal life coaching confidential?

What we discuss is strictly confidential and will be held in confidence and not shared with others. Your personal information will always be protected. The contents of our discussions will be confidential. Life Coaching does not ordinarily provide the protection from disclosure afforded to licensed therapists. However, I am an ordained minister and consider all discussions with clients to be protected under the laws protecting pastoral confidentiality,

How much does Self-actualized Life Coaching cost?

Coaching fees are based upon the type of service provided, in-person, phone, email or Skype. Coaching packages are customized to fit each individual’s coaching program and financial resources. All financial arrangements are finalized in writing during your initial free consultation. 

Unsure about exactly what Life Coaching can do for you?

Request a FREE COACHING SESSION to try before you buy.